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Coming together as one as the body of Christ to push His (Jesus Christ) mission of going to teach, help, save, and spread his love. We will achieve this mission by reaching individuals exactly where they are at in their journey of life.  We will help mode and shape people to a higher way of being and thinking. Pushing and grooming people into understanding their purpose and destiny in life (Christ.) We will deposit the love and understanding of Christ into people’s life and their future. We will help educate individuals to a higher level of thinking and functioning both in education and life. We believe that we can and will be and do all things that Christ has called us to be if we only shift our way of thinking to a higher level of thinking while believing and trusting God the entire way.



The Vision is that every person uses their gift and talents in a positive way to spread and help the world by uplifting other individual’s spirits through inspiration/motivation, education, films, music, art which are gifts and talents that are discovered and can be used.  Jesus Christ is the driving force behind the mission and brand.

Who We Are

J.C. Movement, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit organized for religious, charitable, educational & scientific purposes. We offer a variety of youth programs which are defined as movements to help meet our mission & vision of going beyond the walls to pour into people and relate to them in a real way while pushing them into purpose as we move through inspiration, education, films, music, and art.

Our organization is built on love.

lt’s Bigger Than Us”

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