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Feed The Dream

  Is here to help inspire individuals to strive for their Dreams & Ambition despite their current situation. To help be the light in the time of darkness to show people their dreams are possible and to never give up.

What We Do: 

Provide food & services for the homeless and underprivileged families in the community through donations and charitable efforts.

Thank you for any of the following donations to help in our outreach efforts.  You can mail or drop off items to

JCM House

616 Adieen Pl. 

Madison. Tn. 37115.   

We appreciate your generous donations and heart.


  • Nashville's Homeless population is around 20,000 people. Feed The Dream will do their part in changing the lives of those people who struggle daily with homeless and hunger.

  • Outreach will involve the community donating items to JCM to gather and put in bags to help the homeless or anyone that is drastic;y affected by any need. Individuals can send items to The JCM Address. The volunteer team will get together and distributive bags to pass and help out with.

  • Financial Gifts will be given out to help with individuals in need as well as scholarships  & interns to college students, However, we can help meet a need our job is to do the best inside our powers to do. Financial Gifts can be made at

  • The JCM House will also be used as a safe haven in the winter months to help feed and house individuals through our partner’s Room In The End once a month until it grows to do more.

  • JCM will also volunteer their time and efforts with helping in the community meet any need that will be available.

Feed The Dream
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